About Us

Origin Studio Inc. is a NetDrone server engine developer company.

We are online game developer company that develops engines and games together.

Our founding goal is to provide customers with the entertainment of games developed with the best technology and outstanding ideas and creating an environment in which developers can share their thoughts and know hows to enhance the games entertainment.

Let's make a fun game together.

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Company Information

Name Origin Studio Inc.
Registration Number 596-86-00091
Production Number 제2020-000003호
Sales Number 제2020-광주동구-0179호
Establishment date 4/20/2015
Production items Network Engine and Online Game Development
Location 624, 245, Geumnam-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju, Republic of Korea 61475 Gwangju South Korea
Tel +82-70-8806-0091
Fax +82-70-8806-0092