NetDrone Unity

The best solution for developing multiplayer game, NetDrone Engine has been updated!
NetDrone Unity is a very powerful game networking engine to help you develop stand-alone game server and commercialise your real-time multiplayer games perfectly.
Now, experience more powerful performance with NetDrone Engine that involves C# client, C# and PHP multiplayer server.


  • IL2CPP supported
  • TCP, Reliable UDP
  • NDP, NDP over HTTP
  • Multi-Platform
  • Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Multi-Language
  • C#, PHP
  • Multi-Threading
  • RC5/RC6 Packet Encryption/Decryption
  • Reuse memory allocation
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Factory Pattern
  • Compact Packet Design
  • TCP Header: 8 bytes
  • UDP Header: 12 bytes
  • Compact Game Log
  • Tracer
  • Poll(Overlapped IO)
  • Raw Sockets
  • CSV, Binary CSV
  • Packet Queue


  • SmartClient: Room, Chat, Web examples for Unity3D
  • StudyServer: C# based on NDP server
  • HyperServer: PHP based on NDP over HTTP server


  • DummyClient: Console Client
  • CryptTester: RC5/RC6 encrypt tester
  • ReuseMemory: Reuse memory tester
  • DataConverter: CSV to Binary CSV tool


  • API Reference (CHM)
  • User guide (PDF)

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