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<h2>NetDrone Starter Kit<a class="wiki-anchor" href="#NetDrone-Starter-Kit">¶</a></h2>

<p>'NetDrone Starter Kit' that has been developed by 'NetDrone Unity'.<br />
Developed new multiplayer game with the example of survival shooter.<br />
Including C# client & server source and available in real-time play up to 16 players in the same room.<br />
Designed to be easy to follow with unity engine.<br />
Create the most powerful multiplayer game now.</p>

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<h3>Features<a class="wiki-anchor" href="#Features">¶</a></h3>

<li>IL2CPP supported</li>
<li>Auto Reconnect</li>
<li>Auto Match</li>
<li>Room Create, Join, Leave</li>
<li>Room Trespass</li>
<li>Channel, Room Broadcast</li>
<li>Kill/Death/Hunt Status</li>
<li>Respawn, Attack, Move Sync</li>
<li>PvP, PvE</li>
<li>Protocol Information</li>
<li>Network Status</li>

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<h3>Tools<a class="wiki-anchor" href="#Tools">¶</a></h3>

<li>DummyClient: Console Client</li>
<li>CryptTester: RC5/RC6 encrypt tester</li>
<li>ReuseMemory: Reuse memory tester</li>
<li>DataConverter: CSV to Binary CSV tool</li>

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<h3>Documentations<a class="wiki-anchor" href="#Documentations">¶</a></h3>

<li>API Reference (CHM)</li>
<li>User guide (PDF)</li>

<p><a class="external" href="ND-StarterKit-en">English</a> <a class="external" href="ND-StarterKit-ko">한국어</a></p>

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