From 2022-11-04 to 2022-12-03


08:38 Korean Forums 포럼 게시판에 가입인사를 꼭 남겨주세요.
가입인사가 없다면 봇 계정으로 판단한 뒤 계정을 삭제할 예정입니다.
Agent Mando
08:36 Global Forums be sure to post a message on the Greetings board.
If there are no posts, it will be considered a bot account and the account will be deleted.
"post here":/projects/...
Agent Mando


00:20 Global Forums SMTP problem solved.
You can now Register.
If you do not receive the registration confirmation email, please <notextile></notextile>"co...
Agent Mando
00:20 Global Forums Membership registration is not smooth due to SMTP problems.
If you have applied for membership to use the forum, please wait for a moment.
The external SMTP server We are usi...
Agent Mando

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